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Bennetcourt Custom Baits


Nathan BettencourtAs you look around, you will notice these lures are unique in both design and function. I strive to create lures with triggering characteristics not found in other lures. I have a background in both fly tying and lure building. I am able to "tie" (pardon the pun) both art forms together.

Each lure is built one at a time by hand. I use only the finest components available. I intial and date each lure on completion. Most lures can be personalized with your name at no extra charge. Custom paint jobs are also available, or If you have a lure design you would like built, just shoot me a email.

You can feel comfortable ordering from my site. we protect your confidential information. I will not sell your personal information. Each lure comes with a 30 day guarantee. Fish them for 30 days, if your not satisfied I will refund your money or exchange the lure, which ever you choose. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. as they are made to order. Thanks for stopping by!

Nathan Bettencourt


Bettencourt Baits